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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to tap into our network of leaders and thinkers and expose them to your products and services. Advertising in Leaders & Thinkers Magazine is a great way to grow your business by responding to new opportunities.

Through print and online channels, we create opportunities to expose your product and services to our global audience. Allow us to tell your story, position you alongside world business leaders and share your brand.


The mission of Leaders and Thinkers Magazine is to inform, motivate, and empower emerging leaders with the practical knowledge and insight needed to achieve unlimited levels of success, personally and professionally.

Technical Specifications

Print Sizes


Double Page Ad: 16.54” (wide) x 10.83” (high) / 420 mm (wide) x 275 mm (high)

Full Page Ad: 8.27” (wide) x 10.83” (high) / 210 mm (wide) x 275 mm (high)

Half Page Ad: 8.27” (wide) x 5.41” (high)/ 210 mm (wide) x 135 mm (high)


* Please add 0.20”/ 5 mm bleed all around with crop marks. Material to be supplied as press-optimized PDF files, CMYK. Material to be sent via Yousendit, Wetransfer or similar web-based file transfer service


Website Banner Sizes


Leaderboard/Banner Ad: 735 wide x 123 high (72dpi)

* Supplied as zipped jpg files. Please also supply the url to which the advert must be linked.


Creative Guidelines For Web Adverts


Please design full page adverts with limited text and large images. We have the right to reject adverts that look like editorial pages. Print adverts to be at 300dpi, CMYK and with crop marks and bleed. Keep all text and logos at least 0.40″/10 mm away from the edge of the page.

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